Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Celebrations!

Hello Fellow Americans,

It was a wonderful day !! The sights and sounds of the Fireworks and the crowds at the Capitol as well as across the country showed Americans can party! The Young and the Old waving the Flags ,singing and dancing was a patriotic sight!
Wish we can extend this spirit of optimism and get rid of the Gloom and Doom crowd!

Yes there are problems, but not ones which are unbeatable.Remember one thing the Government and the President cannot solve is your specific problem.Our Elected officials can only implement sensible policies which in turn will generate "Work" and other material things for "Pursuit of Happiness".

Democrats need to understand that though drilling beginning now will not yield more production within say next 10 years,the fact that USA is ready to extract more oil from within its territory sends a powerful signal to OPEC and other Countries who will try their best get us off this idea as it threatens their long term survival!
Further the drilling NOW will generate some high paying jobs in quite a few states and the Royalties from the Big Oil will help many States to close their deficit.
The ripple effect on the Economy will be felt within a few years and it is imperative that the Democrats stop being the party which is all the time preaching and practising policies designed to change the " Habits" of every day folks.Let technology and the choice be available to us and we know best depending on our circumstances to conserve or splurge!!!

By the way have you wondered why all these liberals in the Media-TV and Print and Web preach all these " Habit" changing ideas such as drive small cars,less pollution, etc etc using a medium where their constituency does not exist????!!

I bet you hardly a single homeless is reading the NY Times or watching the TV Shows full of Liberals !!Then who are they trying to appeal??? It's the hard working Middle Class which they want to make feel guilty and scare them withe every day Gloom and Doom messages!

Until Next time Enjoy the long Weekend!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Art of making do with Less!!

The Messiah has spoken again !! Americans make do with less!! Stop consuming more oil,food,gas and all the pleasures ! You are only 3 % of the World Population !! Your consumption is obscene and he has reminded you that good times are over !!!

Folks this is your future Presidential hopeful encouraging you to lower your expectations from a Guy who is " Change" and " Hope" personified !!

This pure leftists liberal will punish " Success"- the Exxon Mobil's and the Employment generators and redistribute amongst the " Poor" and " downtrodden.

Wait till they destroy the Big Employers and then leave you beholden to them for payouts- The classic dependent society !!

Good Luck !! More next time

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama Strategy- Guilt Trip !!

If you carefully observe the Big media,you will see how they are in the " tank" for Obama !

Every issue,every statement by the Republicans will be framed in the context of " race".Obama and the democrats play this game along !

Every time a Republican and or McCain issues a Foreign and or Defense issue,Obama will co opt it and twist it as an attack on his credentials and the media will then carry the ball for him! His campaign will and does everything to turn this in to a race issue for they have rightly assessed the media mind set !

The rules for the upcoming Elections are very clear in the media mind set:

Do not attack Obama for his policies,misstatements,inexperience and generally on any issue, cause we are trying to derail a smart " Black" man.

This is inspired for the " wrongs" of the past and we need to now correct our "wrongs" by promoting this young inexperienced African American who has not a inkling of the problems facing African Americans and who can do zilch to improve their lifestyles!! The only thing he is capable of is change and yes that's the "reparations" we will pay for which these leftists have been clamoring for the past 30 years!

Granted they Guy is a good orator and he knows how to get the young people all worked up, but mark this message,in the General Elections you will see the tumble and when the results are in you will find out how this strategy will misfire and how he will be abandoned by these very " Young" who he claims to have enrolled in the " primaries".

More later.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Appeasers !

President Bush got it right by calling out those who are always looking to "talk" to be the solutions for all the ills.If only we could sit and talk to all the American haters and the Terrorist Org then all the problems would be solved that's what these liberal think.

How quick the Democrats and Obama jumped at the President's statements though they were never named !! If the Cap fits,then wear it !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

God Bless America !!

It is mind boggling that the Media delivers Death and Destruction news out of Iraq very swiftly but rarely provides pictures of the great service our young Marines and Armed Forces are performing in Iraq as well as Afghanistan.

Our Forces and Medical Teams are doing a great job helping out Iraqis,restoring power and other essential services and there are,I am positive many Iraqis who are grateful for the services we are providing.Instead of showing and featuring positive stories the Media revels and trumpets the rare torture and abuse stories damaging the morale of the forces and pits the Locals against our Armed forces and places US in a defensive posture with the Arab World.

I understand that the Press and TV is not a propaganda arm of the US Government but surely the American Media which enjoys the Freedom and privileges of the American society must inform the American Public the great good which our forces are performing.

Consistently reporting the darker side to the US public naturally has turned Public opinion against the War.

The media is performing a great disservice to the American Public by taking sides and doing one sided reporting and creating an atmosphere of doom and gloom in every aspect be it the Financial sector,climate,War in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Iranian belligerence.

Why I wonder why? Who are they serving and to what end?

No wonder the Newspapers are seeing decline in readership and the Network News has shown consistent declines in viewers.

I see America as a force for Good and it is imperative we the People be more outspoken about the greatness this country contributes and has contributed in the past without ever occupying a single acre of land abroad.!!

We the people need to be more aggressive in promoting and highlighting US contributions which keep this world going and have never looked for credit but it is time to stand up and speak and let our Media and the American Bashers realize the harm they are causing to our children by presenting a distorted picture of this great Country - Long Live USA and God Bless America !

USA Bashers !

There are many in the Media/Academia and Think Tanks who believe that USA is responsible for every ill in the World!! Be it Climate/Wars/Poverty, its the Big Bad USA responsible for the mess.Of course this has accelerated since President Bush assumed office.

These Armchair Liberals truly believe that if only we could sit down and " Talk" things would be all alright ! In their theoretical world they feel all the Countries in the UN need to be telegraphed our ( US) intentions and then we must engage them so they can be won over.The greatest " Talker" Barack is their savior and he is on the way to " Save" us!!

The biggest hoax they want to pull is " Let's get out of Iraq" so we can concentrate on the war in Afghanistan!! Americans wake up-They want to juggle and shuffle the deck-Troops will still be out but only now in Afghanistan.Of course these "kooks" have no such intentions nor the guts to confront but they can " Talk" and that's what they are experts at " talking". America is today the only yes the only Nation which stands as a Guarantor of Order in this very very dangerous world and no amount of " talk" is going to satisfy the blood thirsty Islamists.

Until Tomorrow Adios !

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Have you ever wondered who those pollsters are calling and if you have ever been polled? Every Newspaper/TV Network and their cousin has a poll and then they create a program discussing these polls and writing articles and stories !! This is the biggest scam being perpetrated on the World !! Just imagine you poll a sample of about 1000 persons( which by the way is too high,they poll much less) extrapolate the results for the entire US Population and then discuss the results as FACTS !!!

The entire US Population is brainwashed into thinking the whole World sees US as Big Bad bully!! Let a announcement be made that USA ,Russia ,China, India, Brazil and EU is allowing free immigration for One week and let's see how many people are ready to come to the big bad bully !!!

Just digest this and more tomorrow!!!